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Term 2 School Fee Reminder

Fee Statement Reminders- Emailed to all families today
Dear Parents,
Term 2 Fee Statement Reminders have just been emailed to all families.
Thank you to all the families who have paid their Term 2 Fees already.
School Fees are due to be paid in full by this Thursday 26.5.2022.
If you have a regular payment plan in place please make sure that the amount is enough to keep pace with the Fees.
Thank you
Mrs Emma Deep

Year 10 B & E Roll Fundraiser


Protected Industrial Action at CECG Schools

Athletics Carnival Menu


Covid update reminder

COVID update:

Protocols will remain in place around daily cleaning and hygiene.

There has been a change in the close contact area from NSW Health:

Close contacts may attend school and will need to adhere to the following in addition to the NSW Health guidelines.

  • They must notify the school if they are intending to return under this provision.
  • They should conduct a daily RAT and return a negative result each morning before attending school for five school days.
  • They must wear a mask indoors (if in a secondary school setting) except when eating or exercising. Primary school students are recommended to wear a mask indoors (except when eating or exercising).

TERM 2 Return-to-school UNIFORM

Dear Sacred Heart Families,

As the holidays draw to a close, much quicker than we would like, we are preparing for a return-to-school on Wednesday 27 April. Please note that this would normally be a Uniform-Free day but with the Primary Cross Country on Wednesday 27 April and it being the first day back we will return in normal school uniform and hold the Uniform Free over until the end of May. Primary students will need to wear their sports uniform. 

With the weather being relatively unpredictable we will have a two week window of transition to the winter uniform. All students will be required to be in full winter uniform by 11 May. 

A reminder that the ANZAC Day March will be held on 25 April and we would hope that we will have an excellent turn out of students for the March. Students are required to wear their winter uniform for this event. Students are to gather at the Ex-Services Club at 10.15am for the 10.30am March. Students can be collected from Albert Park at the conclusion of the March. Please ensure that all students have a school hat for the service at the park.

Ms Nicky Trinder

Passional Play cancelled

Dear Sacred Heart Families

It is unfortunate that we have found it necessary to cancel Friday's scheduled presentation of the Passion Play at Sacred Heart Chruch at 11am. Due to an increased number of positive COVID cases we are unable to safely present to the parish congregation. I thank the students and teachers for their commitment to this traditional presentation to our community and we hope that we will be able to continue this opportunity next year. 

Ms Nicky Trinder