Meet Our Teachers






Ms Nicky Trinder

Assistant Principal

Mr Ryan Forsyth

Religious Education Coordinator

Mrs Patrece Maxwell

Infants Coordinator

Mrs Anita Chesworth

Primary Coordinator

Mr Brad Winsor

Secondary Coordinator

Ms Erryn Marsay

Office Administrators


Mrs Emma Deep

Ms Wendy McGlynn

Mrs Kate Elrington

Parish Priest

Fr Lolesio Gisa



Early Stage 1 Cootamundry

Mrs Anita Chesworth/Mrs Stacey Fry

Early Stage 1 Mudyi

Miss Emma McDonnell

Stage 1 Alinga

Mrs Susie Alexander/Mrs Skye Gay

Stage 1 Bilbi

Mr Ian Bell

Stage 1 Heart

Mrs Heather Hunt

Stage 2 Larwan

Miss Jemma Long

Stage 2 Niyambaa

Mr Jack Niddrie

Stage 2 Wandiyali

Ms Wendy Van Kerk Oerle

Stage 3 Maliyan

Mrs Julia McLeod/Mrs Patrece Maxwell

Stage 3 Wayarang

Mrs Kylie Winsor/Mrs Kaitlin Niddrie



Mathematics, Technology Electives

Mr Andrew Alderman

Music and Literacy

Mrs Lauren Shoesmith

Literacy Leader, English

Ms Lisa Buchanan

Religious Education, History

Mr Pierre Hennequin

Mathematics, Science, Geography

Mrs Jodie McPherson

Agriculture Elective, HSIE, Science

Mr Timothy Mahon

Secondary Coordinator, English, History Elective

Ms Erryn Marsay

Religious Education

Mrs Patrece Maxwell

HSIE, Science

Ms Kylie Murray

HSIE, Technology

Mrs Debbie Roxburgh

Geography, Technology

Mr Peter Turner


Mrs Lyne Witenden

Sports Coordinator, PDHPE, PASS Elective

Ms Megan Withers



Classroom Support Teacher

Ms Liz Verri

Classroom Support Assistant

Mrs Janelle Forsyth

Classroom Support Assistant

Mr John Murray

Classroom Support Assistant

Mrs Heather Kingwill

Classroom Support Assistant

Mrs Shannon Smith

Classroom Support Assistant

Mrs Melissa Simmons

Classroom Support Assistant

Miss Ella Ronning

Indigenous Education Support

Mrs Aileen Maher

Indigenous Education Support

Ms Libby Perry

Indigenous Education Support

Mrs Kim Sannazzaro

All staff can be contacted via email with the following format: